Accommodation and Treatment process

During the treatment, with our expert staff, we accompany you with our translators in your own language as well as the hotel you will stay at from the airport and offer a comfortable resting area. We make you meet with our doctors for the treatment process and start your treatment process.

In this process, we listen to your wishes and wishes for one-on-one meetings with our translators from your own language. We carry out your treatment and accommodation process together with the joy of providing safe and healthy service.

Vip Transfer and transportation process

We first meet you at the airport with our experts who speak your own language, and we set off for the hotel where you will stay with our VIP vehicles specially allocated for you.

Accommodation and Hotel process

Together with our experts, we are moving to the most comfortable quality hotels in Izmir and Kusadasi. After you arrive at the hotel where you will stay, we place you in the hotel room where you will stay and accompany you during the listening process. Your comfort in your hotel room is very important to us, you can tell our experts about everything you want to be in your room.

Treatment Process

For the treatment process, we pick you up from the hotel where you are staying with our experts in your own language with our vip vehicles allocated for you and set off to our clinic. and we carry out your checks for your treatment with our specialist doctors who ask after you arrive at our clinic.

After checking with our doctor, we plan your treatment and start the treatment process. We welcome you comfortably and safely in our clinic during the treatment process. Depending on your treatment process, we take you to rest at your hotel or host you in our clinic.

Izmir Clinic

Kusadasi Clinic